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Modern awnings have been a retail and commercial staple since in the United States stretching back to the 19th century. A look back at black and white photos of New York City streets, show avenue after crowded avenue lined with protective, business awnings. Sometimes you even have to strain your eyes to find the sidewalk hidden beneath the awning fabric! Turn the pages of time back a little further, (or a lot further) and some form of fabric commercial shade structure, such as an awning, has been around since the Egyptian pyramids, as several sun-soaked Mediterranean cultures sought a cool and shady respite from their typically dry climate.

In keeping with that time-honored commercial awning and commercial shade structure tradition, commercial awnings by Academy Inc. highlight a building’s style, complement the architecture or set the mood in a commercial setting, all while incorporating the latest and greatest modern technology and highest quality awning fabrics.  We specialize in dome awnings, canvas awnings, metal awnings, solar awnings, backlit awnings.

Whether for a restaurant, a hotel, or any commercial retail space, commercial awnings and canopies transform and brand your space through custom lettering, colors, pattern, and design. No matter if you’re Starbucks trying to sell that extra cup of Joe, California Pizza Kitchen desiring to slice up some more cheesy success, or Verizon and Hertz (all pictured below), awnings are an ideal solution for extending limited commercial space and having your brand stand out above the downtown and Main Street commercial competition.

Stylish general awnings and commercial shade structures maximize street visibility, provide sun and rain protection, give shade, cut down on energy costs by as much as 25 percent, and extend outdoor space. Add elegance or pizzazz to your restaurant, store, or hotel with our fabric awnings today!

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