Backlit Awnings

Backlit awnings speak to one of the most important benefits these technologically advanced outdoor overhangs provide: visibility. At Academy Inc.,  we constantly stress how awnings – whatever their make and style – are about driving business, promoting customer loyalty, and of course, helping your business stand out from your competitors.

Designed with the proper heat-resistant material to prevent premature fading, warping, and general wear and tear backlit awnings are the ideal and creative way to convey to both your regulars and future customers that your business is open and ready to serve. Backlit awnings illuminate the full length and width of the awning evenly and without distortion, and can be fabricated in bright and attractive multi-spectrum colors with subtle variations.

The backlit style has been the latest development ever since the first electric lamps were directed back to a storefront and instead of being pointed out on the sidewalk. While a step in the right direction, simply illuminating a sign from the front made awnings installation more difficult.

Whether your business is open or closed, Backlit Awnings by Academy make a positive, around-the-clock initial impression with a unique, illuminated awning created especially for your business. Backlit awnings combine the charm and flexibility of fabric with the high visibility of a sign, providing identification to storefronts, shopping malls, theaters, restaurants, hotels or anywhere that a customer may want to attract public attention. They even promote safety. Academy utilizes the latest translucent fabrics, specialty framework and lighting systems to create a sense of excitement, festivity, and celebration in any setting.

Have a quick look below and you’ll see what we mean.

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