Beach Cabanas

If your hospitality business depends largely on the beach, you know how important it is to stock top-notch beach cabanas for your guests. Whether you own a hotel, resort, or beach side country club , you want to give your patrons the best experience possible. And, at a very basic level, they want to have protection from the wind, rain and harsh sun rays, while having a dash of elegance to feel as if they are completely catered to. Luckily, the perfect beach cabanas can fulfill these fundamental desires.

Beach cabanas by Academy Inc. are super lightweight, durable, portable and affordable. This makes it easy for you place these structures on your beach area and move them as you please. You can even rent them out to guests on a rotating basis, giving you a continuous stream of revenue. Guests will be thrilled to have the chance to have their very own beach cabana for the day, a great way to shield them from often unpredictable weather conditions. When a tropical rain shower hits, your guest can sit back and relax while other beachgoers are sprinting off the beachside.

You can customize your Academy Inc. beach cabana any way you please. Choose the design, color and logo and our design team will make sure it flows with the ambiance of your hospitality establishment and grows customer loyalty.

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