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For a word whose origins stem from 1830s Spanish, at about 177 years old, “Cabana” is aging rather well. Cabanas are tent-like structures that serve as temporary add-ons to fixed structures or they can be standalone affairs, adding a sense of style and tapestry not seen in standard triangular or dome shaped tents more common in camping and the rugged outdoors.

In so many ways phrases like resort cabana and beach cabana conjures up exactly the images the nearly two-century-old word is trying to convey: poolside or waterfront relaxation, easy living under a brilliant sun on a cloudless day while rows of turquoise resort cabanas line a sugarcane beach, providing just the right combination of necessary sun protection and shade, while keeping visitors or guests close to the beautiful – if tamed nature at hand.

Beach Cabanas by Academy continues that tradition of practical application, excellence in cabana design, and ambiance, bringing it to a new level of quality products. Academy Inc. produces the best beach cabanas, poolside cabanas, resort cabanas, portable canopies, and tents that are used in hotels, spas, resorts, restaurants, and hundreds of other venues. Just take a quick look below at some of the best beach cabana designs.

The popularity of beach and resort cabanas has increased due to the daily fees that hotels and resorts charge to the renters of the cabanas. Whether a hotel, resort, or restaurant, cabanas for beach and poolside and canopies for outdoor use can be purchased from Academy at the best and most reasonable prices that meet your budget and your desired application. Hospitality customers of Cabanas by Academy often report that they recuperated their investment in a few short months and create a continuing revenue stream.  Check out cabana design by Academy Inc. below.

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