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Say the word “canopy” and what comes to your mind? A lush, green overhang of branches and trees in some secluded tropical forest? If that was your first thought, then when it comes to the manmade approximation of beauty and grandiosity, you’re not far off.

Like Mother Nature’s artistry, artificial commercial canopies also serve as a type of overhang and suspended in-air “welcoming mat” for the environment you’re about to enter. But rather than forests and jungles, we’re talking about more “civilized” locations. Modern fabric commercial canopies are used primarily to add an attractive entrance element to a building, provide protection, introduce or bookend walkways or outdoor entrances, and are an ideal way to combine successful branding with practical and elegant benefits.  (These are referred to as entrance canopies.)  They can even be set up as school canopies, providing vital shade and a place to organize children on those hot late-summer and late-spring days.

Custom canopies by Academy combine professional in-house design and custom engineering to create visually appealing and structurally sound canopies branded for a variety of uses. Whether for an entrance or patio canopy, Academy will design and manufacture the project to fit your needs and exceed your expectations. Our range of products includes beach canopies, school canopies, industrial canopies, outdoor tents, and more.

A quick look at a sampling of our images of our custom and industrial canopies below demonstrates our attention to detail and specialization. Academy Inc. is ready and able to design products in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and applications.

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