Carriage Tops

Whether you’re on the go, or just lounging around, protection from the elements, be it sun, wind, rain, or anything else, is an essential component in the enjoyment of the experience. And as the term rightly implies, carriage tops borrows its name from the horse and buggy vehicles of old.

While riding a horse to get around town may seem romantic today, before the internal combustion engine and the automobile, it was anything but. Dirt roads, particle debris, bumpy conditions kicking up more dust, meant that some form of protection was needed. Built from highly durable canvass stretched over wooden or later, metal frames, carriage tops were the solution long before the metal top of a Ford Model T or even a windshield, which started popping up circa 1904.

Of course carriage tops today conjure up an entirely different image, morphing from a fixture on early boulevards to a commercial shade structure, resort cabana, or beach cabana apart of some comfortable getaway resort. But even if the location of their use has changed, their purpose – and their effectiveness – hasn’t diminished with time.

When your beach guests want to feel the sand at their feet but also want shade from the sun, look no further than a Carriage Top by Academy Inc..Constructed with durable metal and fabric components, this product will remain profitable through recurring rental revenue for years to come. What’s more, their arched shape and large surface area in contact with the ground gives the carriage top far greater stability in high wind than a simple beach umbrella – even one that’s been dug deep into the sand. The result is one of the best windbreaks money can buy.

No matter if your desired carriage top is tan or turquoise, or any color in the rainbow in between, (as seen by the pictures below) Academy’s commercial shade structures and beach cabanas stand up to our highest scrutiny and quality control standards.

We know they’ll meet your equally high approval as well. Call us today!.

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