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At Academy we’re raising the curtain on curtains – the ideal and cost-effective way to deliver style and commercial shade. Too often curtains are the “forgotten” item when it comes to designing a business’s signature style and curbside appeal. Viewed as something more appropriate for the home, curtains have the unfortunate reputation of being nothing more than a last-minute afterthought.

But nothing is further from the truth. Curtains are one of the easiest ways to promote a business while offering a distinct economic benefit. Commercial shade curtains are made of highly durable fabrics or flexible, yet thick, high-grade plastics, whose transparent properties mimic actual glass, yet at half the price and half the installation challenges. Not only do curtains offer shade for customers sitting near sun-exposed windows, they’re often large enough to decorate with effective signage – signage that complement an awning or backlit awning too.

Curtains do more than shield customers from the sometimes-brutal effects of a strong summer sun, they also block out the harmful ultra violet and UVB rays that fade and damage furniture and upholstery. Proper shading will also reduce the need to replace worn out looking items like faded fabric chairs, warped wood, and even sun-bleached wicker.

Whether chic to sleek, custom Curtains by Academy are produced in thousands of colors, shapes, and sizes, with a variety of retracting methods. The custom curtains will protect restaurant patrons from the elements, provide extra shade, offer additional security, and expand seating capacity in inclement weather. A look at just some of the examples below highlights just a few we can deliver commercial shade in style.

Check us out today and see how we can bring your curtain ideas to life!

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