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Creativity, it is said, comes from within. But sometimes the most challenging part is converting your idea into a reality. If you are looking for custom awnings or canopies that you don’t think fits with standard building or designing procedures, or an out-of-the-box idea for a beach or poolside cabana, Academy Inc. will transform your dream into reality.

A quick look at some of our recent examples from similar clients demonstrates our commitment to doing the job right. Take a look at the striking metal and orange-striped runner effectively masking back-of-building duct work. The design is effective in two ways: on one hand, the “runner” doesn’t actually hide the piping and steam vents so much as it diverts a viewer’s eyes from an otherwise less-than-appealing building necessity. On the other hand, simple designs like this are cost-effective and add a colorful artistic extension to a standard structure. Other examples, like a giant indoor umbrella/awning combination, work the same way an outdoor awning does in trying to attract guests. Of course, there’s no real “need” for an umbrella indoors, but its use is a great way to generate conversion and even a little humor.

Academy specializes in a wide array of custom engineered products. With over 100 years of in-house experience, Academy is not a traditional awning sales company; we can design, engineer and fabricate even the most unusual designs. Whether an indoor umbrella, a flexible band shell ceiling, or a colorful and vibrant fabric windbreak that combines usefulness with artistic expression, Academy is committed to turning your vision for custom awnings, canopies, and cabanas into a reality with thousands of colors, designs and styles.

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