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A common frustration articulated by restaurateurs and business owners alike is that sometimes they’d like their establishment to operate in two places at once, or at least have a place where they can expand their single location footprint, accommodating more patrons and generating more business.

Even if a particular brick and mortar business operation is earning a stellar return on investment, and there’s reserve capital on hand to open a second or third location, the economic condition leaves businessmen and businesswomen reluctant to embark on large, costly, and always risky expansion.

An easy, often overlooked solution comes in the form of canvass, fabric, metal beams, and some good planning. Unlike traditional commercial awnings, which must be attached to a structure, Free Standing Canopies by Academy are affixed into the ground separate from a building. Our freestanding awnings are excellent choices for shading large areas, offering coverings from the weather, or providing a waiting area for patrons of your business.

Examples below highlight our experience and attention to detail. Not only are our outdoor free-standing canopies an ideal way to increase a businesses’ footprint or allow for a financially prudent way to do more with less – even in multiple locations – but they are excellent at remote and near-site mobile branding. Whether it’s a seasonal outdoor bar, a valet parking canopy, (protecting both employees and guests from inclement weather) or an on-the-go food stand and truck, free standing canopies are a creative, colorful, and economical option.

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