Shade Structures

From the tented bazaars of old, to their high tech and durable cousins of today, outdoor commercial shade structures are related to other permanent or fabric and metal coverings, namely tents, cabanas, and windbreaks, but in many ways, they combine the best attributes of all three.

The biggest differences come down to cost, setup time and the desired level of protection from the elements. Often open on four sides, but with an overhead covering, shade structures may provide somewhat less protection from wicked weather than their related counterparts, but the upside includes reduced costs and faster assembly, as well as reduced lead-time, while air circulation gets a boost too.

Even without air conditioning, proper shade can reduce direct sunlight temperatures by at least 10 degrees, turning a day that would have been torrid into something tolerable.

Commercial Shade Structures by Academy Inc. will provide all of the custom design, manufacturing, engineering, and production while working hand in hand with you to make sure that the final product serves as manifestation of your original concept. So whether you’re looking for the ultra modern-style of parallel blue slats, an arched ribbed-style covering the common space between two commercial strips, or an elegant, covering for a graduation or commencement ceremony, Academy’s work, highlighted below, demonstrates our commitment to the finest quality and workmanship.

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