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When you think of banners and signs these days, it’s possible your first thought is geared toward your smartphone or tablet PC. Indeed, banner ads and signs are populating more and more digital screen real estate in an effort to get you, the user, to notice them, and perhaps, purchase goods or services.

But that’s exactly why they work— and why they take their name from the genuine non-digital, entirely real-world original. Vertical or horizontal, banners, like their digital 2.0 cousins, are designed to get noticed, with large bold-faced fonts and colorful, eye-catching styles.

In addition to fabric and metal commercial awnings that highlight and accent a building, Academy also produces and installs custom signage. Our in-house team of licensed and experienced professionals has the training, professionalism and equipment to install any type of sign, from outdoor commercial signs to ATM signage.

Perfect for branding your place of business, these signs are created as neon, LED, pole, monument, and non-illuminated and are designed, constructed, and installed with Academy’s signature attention to detail.  And we’re not just about signs.  We do everything from signs and awnings to canopies and cabanas.

A quick look at some of our examples bellow highlight our commitment in executing your vision. Whether you’re looking for a banner or a monument, pole, neon, LED sign, no idea is out of the question.

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