Storefront Awnings

Since you were a kid, you’ve likely heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But in reality, people often do judge things by appearances. And, your storefront is no exception. You may have the best products or customer service in the world, but if your storefront looks uninviting or rundown, many people will be turned off by your establishment.

A smart business owner knows he or she must make their storefront warm and welcoming in order to get people to gravitate toward it. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is investing in a storefront awning, which will add automatic and instantaneous aesthetic appeal to your property. You can choose the colors, patterns and designs and even add a logo or custom graphic to help build and establish your brand.

Storefront awnings do much more than transform the look of your business. They protect your patrons from the weather – a valuable benefit in today’s world of unpredictable environmental ailments. Whether there’s blistering sun rays, rain, wind, hail, sleet or snow, the right storefront awning will protect not only your patrons, but also your windows and doors from harm. By blocking the sun, storefront awnings can also save you a ton of money on air conditioning costs and cut down on pollution. Wouldn’t it be great to support green efforts while putting more green in your own pocket?

Academy Inc. will work with you to determine which type of storefront awning is best for you. We will assess your specific climate, property size, brand image and more to determine how you can reap the most benefits from your investment.

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