Real Customer Service

Lots of companies talk about customer service, but at Academy, it is the focal point of our culture. Each member of the Academy Team starts off their days with the premise that customers are at the heart of all that we do, and without them, there wouldn’t be a company. We, at Academy, understand that the best referral we can get is from one of our customers, who believe that we have done a superb job, and are deserving of their recommendation. To that end, Academy operates on four core principles which have been successful in making Academy a leader in this industry.

  • Highest quality standards:
    Henry Ford once said, “Quality means doing the right thing when no one else is looking”. Academy has a rigorous process to ensure that that each custom product that we produce will leave our facility with strict adherence to the specifications in the plans.
  • Straight talk and open communication:
    At Academy, we believe in having a honest conversation with our customers. If we have concerns about the look, feasibility, or safety of a product, we are going to let you know. And at Academy, there is no tolerance for bureaucracy or gatekeepers. If a customer wants to talk to someone in any department (including management), they can, and will receive honest feedback from that person.
  • Responsiveness:
    When a customer contacts a member of the Academy Team, they get a response within twenty four hours.
  • Facing reality with integrity:
    At Academy, we understand that our word is our bond. We will not make a promise unless we can back it up with actions, and will never vacate our dedication to the highest ethical standards. If there should be an issue, we will readily address them and face reality, regardless of the consequences.

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