Eco-Friendly Solutions

Solar awnings, cabanas, and canvas products are a great way to save money and “green” your business.  A green awning, which can reduce the solar gain from the sun by 90%, are a great way for builders to achieve LEED points. The utilization of an awning or canopy over a patio, parking lot, or courtyard will reduce reflected heat. It has also been shown that installing a green awning reduces air conditioning bills by as much as 25%, while lowering your indoor temperature by 8 to 15 degrees. Based on the design of your solar awning, you may see increased air circulation, which in turn dissipates heat build-up.

Fortunately, you won’t have to surrender any design or branding elements in order to get the green benefits from Academy’s solar awnings. Contact one of our Academy sales consultants to help you design a project that is “green friendly” and professional designed.

Sample of Solar Awnings
Ready to make a sustainable statement that’s good for your wallet and the world?

For more information and details on State and Federal “green” incentives that are now available Click Here

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